We pride ourselves in precisely engineering the best OCC
copper and 
silver in-ear monitor cables that money can buy.


Precision Engineering


Each of our cables are built to deliver optimal sound quality and performance. From integrated wires that are machine-made for consistency to individual insulation -- DHC will always be a cable-industry first.

In fact, we’re the only cable manufacturer to offer the first-ever litz cable with a matrix of cotton braided around the litz strands inside an insulated cable.


"Silver Peptide" (SP) is made from OCC silver and is known for being the most conductive type 4 litz wire on the market.

It will never oxidize or degrade and is internally damped by a pure cotton core at its center. Essentially, Silver Peptide is a more detailed, transparent, revealing version of OCC copper litz.   

The no-compromise 8-wire design offers the best possible sound for Sirens series in an extremely compact, flexible, and weightless cable.

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