DHC Symbiote Fusion OCC Silver+Copper Litz IEM Cable

Starting at $339.00 for your custom OCC litz cable.

    Choose wisely - a cable that's too short is a lot more annoying than one that's too long!
  • Our 2 pin plug fits almost all IEMs with a 2 pin socket - if you're not sure, just ask, but we consider it an "industry standard". Our MMCX fits all IEMs with this socket type too.
    Upgrade your 4-wire Symbiote Fusion to the most awesome cinch slider available!
  • Pick from a wide range of top-quality Eidolic connectors and other hand-chosen plugs. Remember that for maximum compatibility, balanced connectors like 2.5 TRRS and 3.5 TRRS can be adapted to single-ended gear, but never the other way around.
  • The center of the cable, where the main cable diverges to the earcups. Our aluminum & carbon fiber y-splits are lightweight and unique.
    Pick Ultrashort adapters for a short, direct connection, or matching DHC adapters for an adapter with some length to it. Remember that single ended connections (3.5mm, 6.3mm) cannot be converted to balanced, only the other way around.
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DHC Symbiote “Fusion” IEM Cable

True Hybrid Peptide 25 awg OCC Litz — Pure OCC silver + Pure OCC copper
V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz

Available as a compact 4-wire cable.  For even more performance, pick Symbiote SP.

Full review @ Enjoythemusic.com!
The Nobles are already King Of The Hill, yet when using the hybrid silver/copper Symbiote Fusion 4 it gets even better in smoothness, resolution and extension with the Sony NW-ZX2. Swap that out for the Symbiote SP 8 and OMFG there is no way ever a CIEM could do stratospheric highs this great… but they are!”
“...the Noble Kaiser 10, Symbiote SP 8 and Sony NW-ZX2 combo is the most realistic-sounding extension with accuracy and smoothness my ears have ever heard within a portable setup. In fact very, very ( did I mention very?) few home audio systems can get this right.”

New review @ WheninManila!
“Overall, the DHC Symbiote Fusion is currently my favorite CIEM/IEM cable as it really does make everything better in a very grand presentation with barely any cons as the marriage of the silver and copper are perfectly intertwined to bring out the pros of both materials. With a beautiful cable like this with top-notch quality with a beast’s power in sound, it is very difficult to beat.”

The new Symbiote Fusion V3 IEM cable is the best one yet – one of the most comfortable IEM cables ever made, with the extreme detail of silver combined with the sweet midrange and smooth bass of pure copper in each strand.  

Fusion uses a custom strand configuration and unique insulation design to get the best possible blend of sound quality, appearance, and feel.  As such it is incredibly compact – our most compact wire – with ergonomics and convenience befitting the best portable audio systems.  

Includes options to fit standard 2 pin CIEM, MMCX IEM, or Fitear.  Do not order for silicone deep-socket Spiral Ears or for UE TF10 or other 0.75mm pin IEM.  

History of the Fusion Cable:

We came up with this idea while brainstorming late at night with some fellow cable enthusiasts.  Our popular “Peptide” pure OCC copper litz cables features a bundle of seven bundles of litz copper strands with a unique rope-like appearance from the type 2 litz construction, and a Silver Peptide litz wire was already in the works.  But what if we made a true hybrid – with independent bundles of silver and copper strands?  As a litz construct, the silver and copper stay separate down the length of the wire as the strands are individually insulated.  So each strand is like 3 or 4 independent copper and silver cables, a fusion of two metals rather than one metal plated onto another.  The idea was too promising to ignore, so finally in 2013 we have added a new wire to our collection which has impressed us with every cable we have applied it to.  While this design has been widely copied and adopted across the industry, we can prove (with emails dated to 2012) of this wire being quoted for production.  A true DHC first.  

Wire design.  DHC Peptide “Fusion” V3 is a 25 awg type 4 litz construct of pure OCC silver strands and pure OCC copper strands, alternating 3 silver bundles and 3 copper bundles around a new pure cotton core in the center. This is the most compact and ergonomic IEM cable we have ever offered.  The type 4 design improves refinement over conventional litz designs and we did it first, researching a variety of dampening core materials to find one that did not interact electrically with the litz wire’s enamel coating.  What we came up with was able to outperform previous generations of our litz wires.

DHC does not use alloys or add gold to its wire, as these impurities reduce conductivity.  Adding just 1% gold to wire reduces conductivity by more than 15%, and defeats the purpose of using high purity silver or copper.  We also do not gold-plate wires, as gold is less conductive than silver and slows down frequencies traveling near the wire’s surface.  

Ultimate purity.  This wire is manufactured to a standard beyond all others, the fifth generation of our designs since DHC’s first IEM cables and is flawlessly smooth and clear.  The metal’s purity and the precision of the litz construct’s assembly ensures that the sound of this wire matches its aesthetics.  

Unique sound quality.  How does the Symbiote with Peptide Fusion wire sound?  It does not sound like silver plus copper – it sounds like silver fused with copper – the metals acting as one, incorporating the best features of each while sounding like no one copper or silver wire we have employed.  Fusion brings both the deep and visceral bass typically associated with our best OCC copper in addition to the delicate layers and realistic microdetail of pure OCC silver.  Fusion offers a great measure of our Symbiote SP’s performance at a more affordable price.  

The right terminations.  We are offering your choice of terminations for any of the IEM types and terminations that are on the Symbiote, Symbiote SE, or Symbiote SE Hybrid. JH, UE, Shure, Westone, and much more are supported.

A cornucopia of y-splitters and premium metal options.  Our “Capsid V2” carbon fiber-trimmed CNC-machined aluminum y-splitter is a free option on our IEM and headphone cables now.  This splitter is very small, weighing next to nothing, and exists to make our cables look and feel awesome.  We still offer DHC logo heatshrink if you would prefer an even smaller & lighter option.   Our Eidolic splitters are amazing as well.

Upgrade to titanium.  Eidolic offers a one-of-a-kind titanium alloy upgrade barrel with laser logo and choice of decorative insert.  For more information, click here.  Check the boxes above to opt for truly unique styles.  For 4-wire CIEM cables, we also offer the Eidolic titanium slider, an amazing invention incorporating a titanium frame and silicone band that securely cinches your cable while looking amazing.  To bring it all together, opt for the ultracompact Eidolic E-SXT y-splitter.  Symbiote Fusion cables ordered with any titanium options will include a free upgrade to the DHC titanium CNC logo tube in lieu of the standard CNC aluminum logo tube.  See below:



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