Headphone Cables


Our custom-crafted headphone cables are made from OCC copper and designed to heighten treble detail, bass impact, and the general soundstage gains in all dimensions.


The DHC Design


Each individual strand is made from pure OCC copper (or OCC copper coated in a secondary layer of pure silver). The strand is then covered with a razor-thin layer of invisible enamel that preserves the integrity and beauty of the wire’s surface forever.

We test each wire design extensively with various equipment and gear to ensure optimal performance.

The cable that exceeds all expectations; the Silver Complement4.


Our OCC silver conforms to no stereotypes, and never stops surprising us with its ability.

Performance beyond copper. Our OCC silver is able to extract a complete musical picture from its source; exposing details you may have never heard before. The rise and decay of notes are the fastest we've heard, the bass is incisive and free of bloat and dullness, and the treble is delicately articulated without glare.

Three words to describe the sound performance; confident, effortless, free.


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