While we pride ourselves on using science to deliver the best sound, the value of a personal touch is not lost on us. That’s why we offer customizations like y-splitters and sleeving -- they’re attractive and functional.

At DHC, we’ve got your cable connectors covered from the top to the bottom. Remember; we’re just like you -- we only want better sound. So, we’ve prioritized offering various connector choices for both the headphone and source end that have a wide range of capabilities.

DHC is proud to be the first cable manufacturer offering 3D-printed parts and accessories. From y-splits to cable connectors, 3D printing allows us to add a unique flair with calculated precision.


Double Helix Cables has long supported OCC - Ohno Continuous Casting - as its preferred method for manufacturing copper and silver wires with a superior molecular structure and enhanced electrical properties, bringing cleaner, more realistic sound to all audio applications.