Splitters and Sleeves


At DHC, we don’t just care about the wire. While we pride ourselves on using science to deliver the best sound, the value of a personal touch is not lost on us. That’s why we offer customizations like y-splitters and sleeving -- they’re attractive and functional.


All About Y-Splits

What is a y-split or “splitter?”

Y-splitters are metal objects placed at the point where the cable separates from one to two, just like a fork in the road.

We mostly carry an assortment of Eidolic y-splitters with different designs, but with our 3D printing technology, we can also create completely customized parts. Made from various metals and carbon fiber variants, y-splits provide durable protection for the junction of your cable -- and give an added flair.

Add to your cables character by shopping our collections of y-splitters!

Which splitter to choose?  

Start with DHC's classic Capsid splitters - smooth rounded edges, available in the black/black carbon fiber Capsid V2 (11mm diamter) or silver/black carbon fiber.  Both are made of aluminum with a beadblast finish and fit 4 or 8 wire cables from the Symbiote and Molecule series.

For deeper customization, Eidolic y-splitters offer the boldest style for every cable.
E-SX1: silver aluminum/silver fiber/polished edges.  Best for 8 wire.  Now even more compact.
E-SX2: gunmetal aluminum/silver/contrast polished edges.  Best for 8 wire.  Now even more compact.  Our best split!
E-SX3: rose gold plated aluminum/silver fiber/ultracompact.  4 wire only.
E-SX6: gunmetal aluminum/engraved rings/ultra light.  For 4 or 8 wire.

Legacy: limited quantities remain
E-SX4: silver aluminum/blue tinted black carbon fiber/ultracompact.  4 wire only.
E-SX5: black aluminum/silver fiber/polished edges.  Best for 8 wire.

Or try one of our sterling silver 3D-printed cast metal splitters - we offer many designs!

All About Sleeving

DHC has custom-designed our sleeving to provide a tough outer shell and offer optimal protection. Made with a thick fiber material, our sleeving is both flexible and durable.

We have various colors and patterns available, from metallics to antique shades and solid designs to argyle patterns.

For the larger cables, our sleeving is available in solid colors or argyle patterns. For everything else (our sleeving is ideal for Molecule Elite or Complement4 cables), we have a selection of solid colors and tracer patterns.
To shop our available splits and sleeves, visit our store!

Which sleeving to choose?

For Prion4, Complement4, and Molecule Elite, we have compact sleeves with exotic styles.

Charcoal Gray
White with silver metallic tracer
White with antique gold metallic tracer
White with blue tracer
White with copper metallic tracer
Black with red tracer
Black with silver metallic tracer
Black with antique gold metallic tracer
Black with copper metallic tracer
Blue with bright gold metallic tracer
Red with bright gold metallic tracer

For Chaperone, Spore4 and Prion4S interconnects, we have larger sleeves, some with amazing argyle patterns.

Charcoal gray
Black/silver metallic
White/gold metallic