Interconnect/Speaker Cables


Our cables are designed for optimal performance, no matter what you need to connect.

From interconnect and digital cables to speaker cables - we’ve implemented advanced technology to expose further details of all sound.  Our portable, iPod, RCA, and XLR cables are perfect for connecting anything to anything.  


These cables are specifically designed to isolate each conductor while preventing static buildup, electromagnetic, and vibrational pollution. They’re built to clarify specific details of the sound without changing the character of your existing components.

* Any cable with the 2.5mm balanced Astell & Kern plug will connect to all amp types.

A cable of many firsts

An all-new offering from DHC -- we bring you the world's highest performing wire to speakers.

Speakers we have tested this cable with underwent a remarkable transformation. The DHC Flagella is the first OCC type 6 litz speaker cable with a 4-tier design that also utilizes 43 cores to completely prevent static. Known for expanding sound to silky highs and integrating an acute bass response, this cable is actually built to do exactly what DHC's best headphone cables do. In fact, the sound detail is improved 100% over a comparable design with traditional copper conductors.