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DHC Mini Chimera

Introducing the Mini Chimera, the result of DHC’s exhaustive search for the most natural, articulate, and non-fatiguing IEM cable pairing. We ventured beyond traditional boundaries, experimenting with novel materials, unique geometries, and innovative layouts. This wasn’t just about creating another IEM cable; it was about crafting the best.

In cooperation with an circle of elite IEM collectors, we refined our prototypes, gathering invaluable insights. This collaborative approach ensured that the Mini Chimera seamlessly integrates with today’s most demanding monitors and sources, be it the Annihilators, Jewels, or Amber Pearls.

A journey of 15 years.  Our legacy spans a decade and a half, starting with the first made-to-order IEM cables on the market.  We introduced groundbreaking advancements from fine-stranded OCC silver litz to 8-wire IEM cables, Fusion wires, and more. With each innovation, we expanded our toolkit, culminating in the birth of the Mini Chimera.

Slow and steady craftsmanship.  Each Mini Chimera takes twice as long to craft compared to its headphone counterpart, using a 19awg per signal design inspired by Chimera’s blend of OCC copper and silver with a revolutionary layout.  The cable encompasses all of DHC’s wire innovations to date, meticulously arranged to ensure space efficiency.  Precise finishing steps guarantee a comfortable fit around the ears, making Mini Chimera a pleasure to wear.  Our signature cast-metal Chimera clips keep the channels impeccably organized.

Customize your Chimera.  The Mini Chimera offers a palette of sleeving options from our peerless Prion4 and Chimera sleeve collections. Crafted in the USA, these ultra-soft textile weaves with metallic tracers come in a plethora of colors.  A unique combination, like white with copper metallic tracers paired with white and silver tracers, differentiates left from right.  After your order, we will collaborate to finalize a style befitting your monitors, or even create a brand-new sleeving colorway.
Sold separately: matching 4.4 or 3.5 interconnects.  Check the boxes below or let us know your custom interconnect needs.

Our Commitment: The Mini Chimera stands as a beacon of genuine innovation. We bypass the gimmicks prevalent in today’s IEM flagships:

  • No exaggerated tales or over-the-top narratives
  • Sensible packaging that focuses on the product, not the frills.
  • No frivolous use of low-conductivity exotic metals purely for marketing purposes.
  • No repurposed, overpriced thin copper wires.
  • A thoughtfully researched metal combination, not a “kitchen-sink” approach.

The Mini Chimera is our pledge to elevate IEMs while staying true to evidence-based, purposeful designs. This masterpiece is the result of our commitment to innovation, building upon our achievements instead of merely mimicking others.


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