3D Printing


Using 3D printing, DHC can make your vision a reality.


The process starts by designing a custom model based on your specific measurements, needs, interests, etc. From there, the design is then printed into a high-resolution wax model, cast with plaster investment, and filled with the metal of your choice.
Now for the fun part; carving, polishing, and finishing your design. Each piece is carefully sculpted and polished to perfection -- this process results in a jewelry-grade, brilliant accent to your cables.

Our personal passion for designing, 3D printing, and finishing custom cable parts outweighs the lucrative potential in the market. So, we really just want to extend the service to our loyal customers -- that’s why we offer 3D printing at such a low cost to you. Order your custom accessory today!

Available for most DHC cables upon request; many of these models can be adjusted or adapted to each cable type.  If you have an idea, ask!

Below is our catalog of potential designs.
The catalog file is very detailed (almost 7000px tall) so right click > save as or open in new tab to zoom in and see everything close up.
Many can be adapted to a variety of our cables, while others are exclusive to a certain model line due to its size.  After you pick a custom 3D-printed y-split as your y-split choice when purchasing a cable, we will consult with you to choose the perfect design.  

Classic tube - a cylinder with holes on the front.  Simple, tried-and true.
Helix split - a cylinder encircled by a triple helix shape.  The top seller.
Tapered tube - a cylinder that becomes slimmer in the center, for an hourglass shape.
Micro-cage - a sequence of rings and pillars spirals around a small center split.
Teardrop - a graceful rounded shape with openings on the outer flat surfaces.
Honeycomb - a hexagonal pattern is stamped onto an octagonal splitter.
Carbon - our 3D take on carbon fiber, with a checkered imprint around the center of the split.
Monogram - we can write anything on the side of our classic tube split.
Stacked microcube - tiny 3D cube shapes tightly packed, form a fascinating pattern on the sides.
Separated microcube - the cubes stand alone, arrayed in a 3x10 pattern on each side of an octagonal splitter.
Micro atomic - three rings form a classic "atom" shape with spheres representing electrons, around an ultra-compact splitter.
True silver atom - the five atomic orbitals and all of the electrons of a real silver atom orbit around our Complement4 splitter with figure-8 holes.
Hypercube - our take on the impossible four-dimensional shape.  The center is a cube-shaped cut-out, and hidden rectangular grooves route the 8 wires.
Nanotube - the shape of a carbon nanotube is embedded into the sides of our classic tube split.
Tesselation 7 - an M.C. Escher inspired bird motif is printed onto the sides of a seven-sided Complement4 splitter with figure-8 holes.