Our first Brutus award for our Complement3 flagship...

Our Prion4 flagship wins a Brutus award and is Dr. David Robinson, Positive Feedback Magazine's Editor-in-Chief's favorite cable!

Steven Rochlin goes to town on our top IEM cables!

"Me? I purchased the Double Helix Cables Symbiote SP 8 you see pictured within this review. Yes, what you see within that photo that is literally now my cable and my bank account may be a touch lower numerically, yet the smile on my face is wider."

Case Study

What happens when you want to use one top-tier cable with all of your gear?  What if you have 4 or 5 flagship headphones?  A DHC Prion4 customer posed this question to us, and we rose to the challenge.

Our Triple Threat adapters - originally named because you could easily turn one cable into a triple threat connected to three (or eight) of your favorite headphones - use the durable LEMO connectors of the Focal Utopia headphones to allow easy connections from your Utopia Prion4 to other flagship headphones.  For Utopia, we were able to directly connect (without using any wire) the two connectors used to make each adapter, ensuring the most direction connection possible.

On the other end, a matching Prion4 adapter could let you adapt dual 3 pin XLRs or 4 pin XLR to 6.3mm so that multiple headphone amps can be enjoyed.

At DHC, flagship headphone cables are our passion, but we back them up with the flexibility and convenience of adapters that reduce waste, save space, and reduce wear on the earcup jacks of the headphones connected to the adapters.  Just leave the Triple Threat adapters connected and plug in the LEMO connector of your Prion4 or Complement4 cable each time - they are ultra-durable and are the favorite of industry professionals.



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