To deliver high-quality sound, you have to start with high-quality parts.

Adapters are a vital part of sound transmission as they connect each part of your system together.
Our adapters range in every size and shape - if you need something, chances are we have it!

Use 1 cable with all gear


The DHC Universal Ultrashort adapters are intended to allow one cable to reach maximum versatility.  Paired with our Triple Threat adapters and an Audeze/2.5mm cable from DHC, one could potentially use 1 cable for all amps and headphones.


* Any cable with the 2.5mm balanced Astell & Kern plug will connect to all amp types.

Get a complete collection of Ultrashort adapters.
Our price includes the 4 most popular configurations:
2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo, 6.3mm stereo,
ALO/RSA Kobiconn balance
and 4-pin XLR balanced.

Essentially, this is your best starting point. It gives you the shortest possible signal path, best quality, most reliable jacks, highest-performing plugs and it’s all compactly packaged in a travel-ready hinged metal DHC tin.


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