DHC Symbiote SE – Premium OCC pure copper litz IEM Cable

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Starting at $239.00 for your custom OCC litz cable.

    Choose wisely - a cable that's too short is a lot more annoying than one that's too long!
  • Our 2 pin plug fits almost all IEMs with a 2 pin socket - if you're not sure, just ask, but we consider it an "industry standard". Our MMCX fits all IEMs with this socket type too.
  • Pick from a wide range of top-quality Eidolic connectors and other hand-chosen plugs. Remember that for maximum compatibility, balanced connectors like 2.5 TRRS and 3.5 TRRS can be adapted to single-ended gear, but never the other way around.
  • The center of the cable, where the main cable diverges to the earcups. Our aluminum & carbon fiber y-splits are lightweight and unique.
    Pick Ultrashort adapters for a short, direct connection, or matching DHC adapters for an adapter with some length to it. Remember that single ended connections (3.5mm, 6.3mm) cannot be converted to balanced, only the other way around.
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Symbiote SE
Type 4 litz OCC Copper IEM Cable

Pure OCC copper litz “Peptide” 

The Symbiote SE is a beautiful and compact IEM cable.  It features an all-new, custom pure OCC copper litz wire and performance that will amaze and surprise you, in an ultra-flexible, ultra-light package that demands to be seen.  It is just as compact as Fusion and Silver Peptide, our new reigning champions of compactness, with a 25awg wire size making a four-wire braid the optimal configuration for travel & ergonomics.  The third generation V3 Symbiote SE features a brand-new type 4 litz with a pure cotton core for ultimate refinement.


Includes options to fit standard 2 pin CIEM, MMCX IEM, or Fitear.  Do not order for silicone deep-socket Spiral Ears or for UE TF10 or other 0.75mm pin IEM.  

We prefer the Eidolic mini plug with gold or rhodium plating.
We offer balanced terminations for RSA SR71b, ALO RX MK3, AK240, iBasso, and more


The essence of the Symbiote SE is our newest litz wire series, the Peptide v3. This wire is absolutely neutral while also being laid back and non-fatiguing.

Peptide v3 is an even more compact, 25 awg wire that we designed from the ground up, matching the feel of our flagship IEM cables with the same layout and a very efficient insulation design which prevents excess bulk. The strand size is the smallest featured in IEM cables for maximum flexibility and surface area, with one of the highest strand counts in a IEM litz wire.  The polyethylene insulation has a silky smooth feel and flexibility while minimizing microphonics.  Each strand is made of ultrapure OCC copper, coated with an invisible, razor-thin layer of enamel, preserving the integrity and beauty of the wire’s surface forever.

Peptide v3 has a industry-first design to extract maximum performance – a type 4 litz – you see it here first!  Our type 4 litz consists of six spiraling bundles of OCC litz strands wrapped around a newly developed core of pure cotton, chosen for its lack of triboelectric interaction with the litz wire’s enamel coating.  In this way we endeavor to avoid the formation of electrical charge on the wire’s surface.  Type 4 litz reduces mechanical vibration between the strand bundles and avoids allowing the signal to exist in the electrical dead spot at the center of a wire.  This sort of litz construct is used in communications and electrical systems in only the most sensitive applications.

The strands are arranged in bundles with a specific configuration designed to expose each strand equally to the center of the wire and the outside of the wire.  This keeps the wire’s impedance more consistent, and the individually insulated strands function as one massive surface for the signal to travel upon.  Litz design as a whole makes skin effect and AC losses non-issues.  The wire is cryogenically treated by the manufacturer for enhanced strength and electrical performance.

We have extensively tested this wire with a variety of equipment from home gear to portable.  Peptide v3 offers an incredibly intense listening experience without fatigue.  Treble detail and bass impact are heightened with this design and soundstage gains in all dimensions.  Its physical attributes are optimized for portable and IEM cables, but it is great in all audio applications.

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  1. joshua sum

    DHC Symbiote SE Hybrid – silver-plated OCC copper litz IEM cable

    an amazing cable guys and girls!! clarity, sound-stage and much more revealing compared to Stock SE535 and Se846 cables. ive been hearing non stop without breaks for about 10+ hours a day and there’s no fatigue at all. ALL ASPECTS of high end sound is increased!. remarkable rig. SE846 with AK100. Bass is certainly cleaner and really really neat!

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