Ultrashort Adapter (for adapting amp terminations)


  • Matches the type of cable you're plugging into the adapter.
  • What do you need to connect your cable to?
    Please read the whole listing before ordering. Orders for just Ultrashort adapters may have an indefinite wait time.


DHC Ultrashort Adapters
For (almost) all connections
The shortest adapter.  The shortest signal path.  It cannot be heard.
The DHC difference: we use pure OCC silver wire to make any connections – and no wire at all, when possible.

DHC adapters have long dominated our production schedule due to their popularity, but rather than discontinue them entirely, we have opted to make the wait time indefinite for orders of just adapters.  This means 8-12 weeks or considerably longer.  Do not order unless you are prepared to wait an indefinite amount of time.

For adapting 1 headphone to another headphone, check out our Triple Threat adapters…

Choose the options above – we only make adapter combinations listed here.  

Your gear does not come out of the box ready for all the connections you might need.  You could have existing balanced cables, or perhaps you want to connect an A&K-terminated cable to single-ended gear now and then.  Ultrashort makes anything possible.  It is the shortest possible adapter we can craft, using tiny OCC silver wires or often no wires are necessary at all.

For 4-pin and 3-pin XLR cables as well as mini interconnects for AK240 balanced & single ended use, we recommend our DHC Adapter for AK240 – a traditional adapter with OCC silver litz wires, to prevent strain on the AK240 from large plugs, or the $99 DHC Adapter featuring our OCC copper litz.  To connect your AK240’s line outputs to XLR/RCA home amplifiers, we recommend the Chaperone2 Interconnect for AK240.

DHC’s Ultrashort Adapters will not affect the signal path, offering the shortest possible connections in every circumstance.  Most of our Ultrashort adapters use no wire at all – the connections are are all directly made by carefully sculpting and adjusting the contacts of each jack to achieve the shortest possible connection and lowest signal resistance.  No matter what exotic wire you use, you still can’t beat a direct connection. Ultrashort – the adapter that isn’t there.


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