DHC SP-wired Adapter – OCC silver litz – Connect anything to anything




DHC offers a silver adapter that is 100% custom. For one set price you can design an adapter to your own needs and specifications. Just order the number of adapters you need, then let us know in the “order comments” box during checkout (or email us at doublehelixcables@gmail.com) with the length and what gear/cables you’d like to connect, and we will consult with you to design something that works.  Like all of our products, this adapter will have no negative impact upon the audio signal, providing a seamless connection – it will not be the weak link or a third wheel.

DHC adapters have long dominated our production schedule due to their popularity, but rather than discontinue them entirely, we have opted to make the wait time indefinite for orders of just adapters.  This means 4-6 months or longer.  Do not order unless you are prepared to wait an indefinite amount of time.

“Silver Peptide” ultrapure OCC silver litz
Up to 8 inch length
Includes most types of connectors.

To specify the type of adapter you want, during checkout there is an “order comments” box to write in the instructions of the adapter type you’d like.

Possible adapter types include:
3 pin female XLRs to 4 pin XLR male
4 pin XLR female to 3 pin female XLRs
3 pin female XLRs to 1/4″ male
3 pin female XLRs to 1/8″ male
4 pin XLR female to 1/4″ male
4 pin XLR female to 1/8″ male
1/8 female to 1/4″ male
1/4″ female to 1/8″ male


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