DHC Ultrashort Complete Collection – use 1 cable with all gear


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DHC Ultrashort Universal Complete Collection

Use one cable with all your gear.
Six adapters.  Cover all your bases.
Any cable with the 2.5mm balanced Astell & Kern plug will connect to all amp types…

The DHC Universal Ultrashort adapters are intended to allow one cable to reach maximum versatility.  Paired with our Triple Threat adapters and an Audeze/2.5mm cable from DHC, one could use 1 cable for all amps and all headphones…

The DHC Advantage:

  • Price includes the 6 most popular configurations: 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo, 6.3mm stereo (1/4), ALO/RSA Kobiconn balance, 4.4mm Sony TRRRS, 3.5mm TRRS for Hifiman/LHLabs/Cowon, and 4-pin XLR balanced.  With these, you can connect to practically all gear.
  • Best starting point – the 2.5mm female balanced connector.  Other adapter systems use a connector with no gear that it can connect directly to, or a bulky plug choice, but the compact & robust 2.5mm balanced plug works natively with Astell & Kern, Glove Audio, and more.  
  • Shortest possible signal path.  It doesn’t get any shorter than this.
  • Best signal quality – wherever possible, the male and female plugs that comprise each adapter are
    connected directly with solder or extremely short, solid OCC silver wires.
  • Most reliable jacks used – the only fully custom 2.5mm female jacks, from Eidolic – with long-life, heavily plated bronze contacts
  • Integrated designs – 2.5mm jacks are hidden inside the complete plugs
  • Highest performing Eidolic plugs used – including the rhodium/silver fiber Eidolic 6.3mm and the tellurium copper/rhodium Eidolic 4 pin XLR
  • Arrives in a custom hardcase with fitted foam cutouts
  • Optional 2.5mm to dual 3 pin XLR DHC Adapter

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