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DHC “Triple Threat” Headphone Adapters

Due to extreme demand, orders of just adapters may be delayed beyond the standard shipping window and delivery times are not guaranteed.  All orders are final and may be converted to store credit only in the event of a cancellation.


Use one headphone cable with many headphone types
Universal for balanced or single-ended connections
A DHC original…you saw it here first.

Here’s our original diagram from 2009.  We now offer many input/output types for these adapters.

Got a lot of headphones under one roof?  Then, chances are, you’ve got cables everywhere. The DHC “Triple Threat” is a series of adapters set up for different headphones that lets you use any Audez’e cable (terminated with 4-pin mini XLRs on the earcup wires, of course) with HE-6, HD800, HD650, or other headphones.  Pick your female ends (bottom of the adapters) that correspond to the headphone cable you want to use, and pick your male ends (top of the adapter) that correspond to the headphone you want to adapt to your headphone cable.

There are countless benefits to this design.  We use a long enough length of wire between the connectors to where there is plenty of flexibility around the earcup area, so there is no bulk or strain — but the adapter is short enough, and the materials of proper quality, to where the adapters have no significant effect on sound quality. This way, the small amount of additional bulk where the adapters attach is well away from your earcups, so you can move around without any problems. 
However, there is a more pressing reason to use these adapters in your system — the earcup sockets on the HD800 and other headphones have a limited number of insertions (AKA mating cycles) before they wear out.  By using our adapters and keeping them permanently connected to the headphones, the headphone cable detaches from the adapters, not from the headphones themselves (the adapters are plugged in once and stay on their respective headphones). This was a worry for me as I hand-test all of my headphone cables and thus my headphones’ earcup sockets see a lot of abuse, and nobody wants their HE-6s to need surgery because they did too much cable swapping.  With these adapters, you can quickly switch and test cables without fear of wearing out your headphones.   You can travel with 1 cable and several pairs of headphones if you want, and de-clutter your listening area, while saving money in the process (for the cost of a couple Molecule cables, you could get one Complement cable to use with our adapters!)
  • To use these adapters, buy one of our Audeze or other cables to start with, then you can use that cable with other headphones
  • Amphenol bronze 4 pin mini-XLRs connect to your headphone cable
  • DHC’s best wire connects it all together
  • Standard length is 6″ but custom lengths are available – email us
  • Lightweight, pocket size, super tough, hyper-flexible, and ready for travel

We also offer Ultrashort Triple Threat adapters (choose this option under Choice of Wire)
.  Most of these adapters have a direct solder connection between the two connectors.  It doesn’t get any better than this, although it will make your earcup connection a little longer.  For a fit that’s more like a typical cable, go with a standard Triple Threat adapter with one of our wires.
Buy Ultrashort adapters at your own discretion.  They add length at the earcup and not all configurations are comfortable for everyone, particularly adapters with Audeze connections on the bottom (like Audeze > Utopia).

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