Complement C15 – The end of the line


    Choose wisely - a cable that's too short is a lot more annoying than one that's too long!
    Expand performance with 4x OCC silver wires woven in!
  • What headphone is it for? Our Eidolic connectors make our headphone cables compatible with many headphones for each plug type. Our 2.5mm "Universal" and 3.5mm "Universal" fit many different headphones.
    A sleek & durable exterior with options for metallic and colorful tracer patterns or solid colors. You can choose one sleeve or check two boxes to do a combo (popular combos include black/gold + black/silver or white/gold + white/silver). Combos use two sleeve colors for each channel. We recommend just picking 1 or 2 colors, but nothing is stopping you from having different colors on all four Prion wires! Or opt to have custom sleeving manufactured just for you.
  • Pick from a wide range of top-quality Eidolic connectors and other hand-chosen plugs. Remember that for maximum compatibility, balanced connectors like 2.5 TRRS and 3.5 TRRS can be adapted to single-ended gear, but never the other way around.
    Expand the functionality of your Prion4 Cable with Prion and Ultrashort adapters. Our "Triple Threat" headphone adapters let you adapt your cable to use it with other headphones, while our amp end adapters allow compatibility with different gear. Pick Ultrashort adapters for the shortest signal path or Prion adapters for shortest connector length & best ergonomics. Best configuration is Utopia LEMO for your cable's headphone ends with LEMO based adapters, which are short, high quality, and long lasting.
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Complement C15 

The End of the Line

Mission statement.

A 15.8AWG terror more speaker cable than headphone cable, this cable superficially resembles Prion4 in dimensions and (nearly) in weight.  For the most power-hungry headphones – Susvara, Abyss, LCD-R, and others – we offer a final milestone for pushing them with ultra-high wattage headphone and speaker amps.  Adding next to no resistance to the signal chain, this cable disappears and allows the headphones to absorb maximum energy.  The strongest impact and involvement we’ve experienced, with a unique flavor.  

Signal chain.

The Complement C base, when reconfigured, offers a dual-dampened wire for each polarity — with a secondary 19awg mesh of OCC copper litz over the Prion4-style type 6 multicore 19awg OCC copper litz, separated by pure cotton.  The novel 15.8awg structure strongly resists vibration and interference, while offering the highest conductivity of any DHC product.  

Select systems only.

A cable of this size only fits (and benefits) certain headphones and amps, so the choices here are final.  All connections and soldering are hand-chosen and optimized for this colossus.  

Prion4 style sleeving.  

All your favorites, plus a stainless steel 3D printed logo tube to identify it as C15.  


To take this cable in a new direction, four ultracompact OCC silver litz wires (one per polarity) are woven in, augmenting detail and clarity without affecting weight or flexibility.  Gauge increases to 15.3awg.

Cosmetic customization.

No limit to the possibilities thanks to 3D printing, novel sleeves, and diverse layouts.  Customization can be discussed after checkout.


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