DHC Molecule Elite Headphone Cable – portable OCC silver powerhouse

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Molecule Elite

New Focal headphones supported – pick “Eidolic universal 3.5mm single” for Focal Listen headphone cables, “Eidolic universal 3.5mm dual” for Focal Elear headphone cables, and “Focal Utopia dual LEMO” for Focal Utopia headphone cables. 

The Molecule Elite is the highest performing model of our compact, portable Molecule cables.  It is available as an ultracompact 4 wire cable (silver or Fusion) or as a no-limits 8 wire/22awg silver cable.  It is intended to be our most advanced all-purpose cable, equally suitable for home and travel use.  Constant evolution of our litz OCC wires yield a cable that is unbelievably compact, light, flexible, and high performing with an effective 22awg conductor area per signal for the 8-wire silver model.  Molecule Elite moves well beyond the performance of other multi-strand braided headphone cables – it is made only with Fusion (indepedently insulated, pure OCC silver + pure OCC copper type 4 litz bundles inside each individual strand) and Silver Peptide (pure OCC silver type 4 litz) – the top performing wires DHC has ever offered.


The Molecule Elite has terminations to match practically all gear.  All of these terminations are hand-picked by DHC as the best for the job.

Molecule Elite offers a full lineup of Eidolic & DHC splits, plus 3D printed options.  

The Molecule Elite uses the best wires that we’ve ever designed.  They will easily outperform any wire on the market in terms of pure electrical performance as well as ergonomics.  Our best value is our famous “Fusion” wire, the first of its kind, a “true hybrid” containing independently insulated bundles of OCC silver and copper litz strands inside each wire’s flexible, clear polyethylene jacket.  This wire offers higher performance than OCC copper while maintaining an intermediate price point between copper & silver .  For even greater detail & realism, we offer the pure OCC “Silver Peptide” litz wire.  This wire boasts more accuracy and soundstage precision than any wire we’ve ever tried, edging past our “Fusion” wire.  Both wires are highly neutral and non-fatiguing, with none of the downsides we’ve heard attributed to pure silver constructions, as it is no ordinary silver, but an OCC litz.   Molecule Elite uses our V3 (third generation) type 4 OCC litz, which contains a pure cotton internal damping core inside each strand of wire, for an optimal strand arrangement and vibration control.  This innovation provides a more open & detailed sound, moving towards a cylindrical conductor that keeps the signal out of the center “dead spot.”  

The Elite’s wires are insulated with flexible, clear polyethylene insulation in a perfect composition that has taken 5 generations of development and experimentation to get right.  Each strand is individually enameled so there is no possibility of the cable turning green.  DHC’s top wires are made with pure metals – we will not put anything other than silver or copper into our cables, as pure OCC copper and silver are more conductive.  Wherever possible we try to follow the laws of nature.

Molecule Elite is built with a four wire round braid or, for the Silver Peptide models, an eight-strand round sinnet braid.  Of all the braids we’ve tried throughout the years, these are the few that is fully symmetrical on all sides and offers improved flexibility and appearance compared with alternative layouts.  The 8 wire braid construction packs the wires into a cube-like profile without any wasted space so it is highly compact.

A variety of optional sleeves to cover the cable below the y-split are offered, made with a very shiny & soft proprietary fiber that has been treated to get the best possible look & feel.  

Upgrade to titanium.  Eidolic offers a one-of-a-kind titanium alloy upgrade barrel with laser logo and choice of decorative insert.  For more information, click here.  Check the boxes above to opt for truly unique styles.   To bring it all together, opt for the ultracompact Eidolic E-SXT y-splitter.  Molecule Elite Fusion cables ordered with any titanium options will include a free upgrade to the DHC titanium CNC logo tube in lieu of the standard CNC aluminum logo tube.  Molecule Elite SP Silver cables all include this titanium DHC logo tube.  See below:


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