DHC Molecule SE Headphone Cable – premium OCC copper litz

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Starting at $229.00 for your custom OCC litz cable.



Molecule “SE” 

Premium type 4 litz OCC Headphone Cable

Pure OCC copper litz “Peptide” in ultracompact SE25 or advanced SE22 

The Molecule SE is a beautiful and compact headphone cable.  It features an all-new, custom litz wire and performance that will shock and surprise you, in an ultra-flexible, ultra-light package that demands to be seen.  It is perfect for home or travel use, with two four-wire configurations offering either maximum portability or maximum copper performance.  The Molecule SE features a brand-new type 4 litz with a core of proprietary dampening material at the center to improve electrical performance and refinement.  

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Headphones & terminations:
Available for most headphones with detachable cables, and most terminations.  We use the best Eidolic connectors wherever possible.  For the few headphones not covered by Molecule SE, opt for Molecule Elite.


The essence of the Molecule SE is our newest litz wire series, Peptide v3.  It comes in two flavors – Peptide SE25 and Peptide SE22.  SE22 uses the larger 14-bundle copper core from Complement4 Copper, for even more detail and refinement.

Peptide SE25 is a highly compact, 25 awg wire that we designed from the ground up, optimal for four wire braids, but with a very efficient insulation design which prevents excess bulk.  It is exactly the same size and layout as our Fusion and SP silver wires, but with a pure OCC copper design.  The strand size is the smallest featured in IEM cables for maximum flexibility and surface area, with one of the highest strand counts in a IEM litz wire.  The polyethylene insulation has been redesigned for maximum optical clarity, silky smooth feel, and flexibility without microphonics.   The litz strand is then enameled with an invisible, razor-thin layer of enamel, preserving the integrity and beauty of the wire’s surface forever.

Peptide has a industry-first design to extract maximum performance – a type 4 litz – you see it here first!  Our type 4 litz consists of six spiraling bundles of OCC litz strands wrapped around a newly developed pure cotton core, chosen for its lack of triboelectric interaction with the litz wire’s enamel coating.  In this way we endeavor to avoid the formation of electrical charge on the wire’s surface.  Type 4 litz reduces mechanical vibration between the strand bundles and avoids allowing the signal to exist in the electrical dead spot at the center of a wire.  This sort of litz construct is typicalyl used only in sensitive  communications and electrical systems.

The strands are arranged in bundles with a specific configuration designed to expose each strand equally to the center of the wire and the outside of the wire.  This keeps the wire’s impedance more consistent, and the individually insulated strands function as one massive surface for the signal to travel upon.  Litz design as a whole makes skin effect and AC losses non-issues.  The wire is cryogenically treated by the manufacturer for enhanced strength and electrical performance.

We have extensively tested this wire with a variety of equipment from home gear to portable.  Peptide offers an incredibly intense listening experience without fatigue.  Treble detail and bass impact are heightened with this design and soundstage gains in all dimensions.

We offer this cable “naked” for maximum portability or with our signature silver or black fiber sleeves.

SE22 is based on our Copper Complement4 flagship – the advanced design concept that started it all.  Fourteen groups of OCC copper litz strands are tightly wrapped around our conductive core – a DHC innovation that started with Complement3 – for an ample 22awg wire.  SE22 takes our damping core type 4 model to another level by using a proprietary, resistive semiconductor material which diffuses any internal static buildup, while also damping mechanical vibrations due to its flexible consistency.

SE22 remains highly compact, no larger than our first Molecule SE launched in 2012, as it eschews the additional damping and shielding layers of the Complement4 design in favor of clear PE insulation, while retaining the heart of the Complement4 design.

Our “Capsid” carbon fiber-trimmed CNC-machined aluminum y-splitter is a free option on our IEM and headphone cables now. This splitter is very small, weighing next to nothing, and exists to make our cables look and feel awesome.   We still offer DHC logo heatshrink if you would prefer an even smaller option.  SE22 exclusively uses our SX1, SX2, and SX5 Eidolic splitters, a perfect fit with unique styling.



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    I do not know how? I want to upgrade the sound field and transparent degree headphones, I hope not let me down!

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