Eidolic E-SXR: Flagship Multi-Material Modular Y-Splitter


  • Pick the insert that goes inside your E-SXR splitter, visible through the openings in its aluminum body!

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Eidolic E-SXR
Modular Multi-material Splitter

Most y-splitters are one solid piece or a preassembled composite of decorative carbon fiber and metal. But what about challenging those limitations? SXR is a new Eidolic platform allowing for a combination of metals and other materials to form a cohesive whole, tailored to the tastes of the user.
Includes black carbon fiber insert, installed.  More insert types will be available soon.

CNC machined T6061 aluminum.
  The solid aluminum body is lathed from rod stock with ultra high precision machining. Eight windows are cut into the sides of the body for a skeletal appearance that reveals the carbon fiber beneath. Most industrial CNC machines are not capable of reproducing this pattern, but after over a year of research and development, perfection was achieved. The splitter is 12mm in diameter with 3.5mm holes in the top, fitting the vast majority of headphone and other cables.  Included is a gray silicone Eidolic grommet with logo to seal the rear opening.

Ultra-fine sandblasted surface.
Designed to blend seamlessly with other high-end personal electronics, this is the softest, smoothest aluminum finish available. The gunmetal anodizing matches other Eidolic products.

Contrast chamfers.
The chamfers are machined after anodizing, revealing the natural base metal underneath for an eye-catching contrast.

Carbon fiber and more.
E-SXR is offered with black carbon and silver fiberglass inserts at the outset, permanently fit to the SXR frame. In the future, more materials combinations will be offered, including woods, contrasting metals, and exotic custom carbon fibers.


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