Eidolic E-SXST Titanium Cinch Slider



Eidolic Titanium Cinch Slider

Weighing just over a gram and precisely engineered, the Eidolic titanium slider boasts a unique and exclusive design.  An integral silicone band is stretched across the slider’s middle, gently encircling the wires and providing proper cinching without scuffing or scratching your cable.  Its dimensions match Eidolic’s E-SXT splitter’s diameter, making them a perfect pairing.  


6Al-4V titanium alloy, CNC processed

Fine circular polishing finish

Ultra-light skeletonized design that is stiff & strong

Easy grip and stays put

Fits a wide selection of 4-wire IEM cables – just slide it on before installing the IEM end.  Most wires of 22awg or smaller are suitable.

Pairs great with the matching titanium connector barrel and Y-split.

DHC’s take: 
Most sliders and cinches are little more than a round piece of wood or aluminum with holes in it, or a ring of some sort.  DHC has always avoided these sorts of sliders because they either don’t stay put or they risk scuffing and scraping the wires’ insulation. To stay put, their holes have to be in constant firm contact with the earpiece wires – it’s OK for a silicone ring to do this as it stretches and expands, but it’s not great to have the wires dragged through fixed holes in a solid slider.  We have always stuck with a simple silicone band that would roll up and down the cable and cling to it without doing any damage.  Now, the Eidolic E-SXST slider is able to function just like our trusty silicone bands, while looking awesome!  See how the Eidolic slider compares to a generic aluminum slider from a mass-production IEM cable below.  


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