DHC “Capsid” Carbon Fiber Y-Split Cover






Shipping now – splitters are here!  

DHC offers the first aluminum/carbon y-split for DIY.  We designed it from the bottom up.  It features an ultra-simple design incorporating real carbon fiber with CNC-machined aluminum. There are a few carbon fiber styled splitters out there, but none that are this compact and lightweight – these will work great for just about every application.  


  • Feather-light 4 gram weight, perfect for IEM and headphone cables
  • 4mm front holes accomodate nearly any headphone cable design
  • 10mm rear opening
  • 32mm overall length and 13.5mm diamter
  • CNC machined from lathed aluminum rods, polished and clear-anodized
  • Hydraulic press-fitted constituent parts will not separate under extreme force
  • Will not scratch the way typical black-painted aluminum y-splitters do
  • Real carbon fiber trim, immaculately finished
  • One piece design is simple and failsafe
  • Insanely tough – torture tested by us
  • Ultra-smooth chamfered edges will not scratch soft wire insulation
  • Rubber grommet included for a clean finish to the back of the splitter.  Just slide it into the back of the splitter after the splitter is filled 90% with glue.

    Recommended application: Slide onto complete cable prior to termination.  Stuff with cotton padding up to 50% full.  Fill half of the remaining space with hot melt adhesive. Slide rubber grommet into place.




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