Eidolic E-SX6B Micro Y-splitter with blue aluminum/silver accents



Eidolic E-SX6B

Eidolic’s splitter for purists – the E-SX6 – is the embodiment of simplicity and minimalism.  The new SX6B features blue anodizing with contrast silver engraving.  Lathed from 10mm aluminum rod, it is the splitter for those that find most splitters too large and bulky, with finishes new to the Eidolic product line.

Affordable and tiny.  At 10mm diameter x 20mm length, but with 3mm front holes and 8mm back holes, this splitter can accommodate 4 and 8-wire cables while maintaining the minimum dimensions.  Due to its one-piece construction made in a continuous CNC operation, competitive pricing is possible.

Lighter than air.   Tipping the scales at only 1.3 grams, this is as light as it comes – approximately equivalent to just using a makeshift y-split out of heatshrink tubing.  Aircraft-grade aluminum is the lightest metal suitable for splitters, and the outer finish is highly resistant to everyday wear.

Understated flair.  The blasted blue-anodized finish is a newcomer to the Eidolic collection, with contrasting bright chamfers at each end.  A series of nine bright engraved rings are machined into the body.  All edges are smoothly finished and a rubber grommet is included to seal the splitter’s entry.


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