DHC “Single Strand” Interconnect (RCA, mini-mini, mini-RCA too!)




DHC “Single Strand” Interconnect
For mini-mini, mini-RCA, RCA-RCA (pair), or USB
Also for today’s balanced portable needs (iBasso, Protector, SR71) 
One price, one cable, for all of your hookups.  The Single Strand interconnect features all the innovations that make the Molecule our most beloved, best-selling headphone cable.  The “Single Strand” features our best ingredients – our Peptide type 4 litz OCC wires (the most pure and conductive copper and silver wires we know of) for beautiful detail, our custom Eidolic carbon fiber/aluminum mini plugs or Amphenol gold RCAs for a great connection, and careful hand-construction to your specifications. 
This cable will extract the best possible performance from the most unlikely of places.  We use these cables in the car, on the plane, at work – no matter what the combination of gear, the sound is much more clear and enjoyable with better definition and impact.  And because of the size and customizability of the Single Strand, there’s no excuse not to take it anywhere you go.

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