Chaperone RCA/XLR Interconnect for Astell & Kern and other 2.5mm balanced DAPs



Chaperone Flagship Interconnect –
Astell & Kern Edition
For any A&K player or other DAP with balanced 2.5mm jack…

The Astell & Kern AK240 is an incredible portable source & DAC, which can be paired with the world’s best amplifiers both portable and of the home variety, for a reference system at home and on the go.  DHC has created the first truly balanced, grounded, & isolated AK240 balanced cable for connectivity to amplifiers with dual 3-pin XLR inputs.  We also offer this cable in a 3.5mm stereo mini –> dual RCA configuration for use with single-ended amplifiers.

This cable is a special edition of our astounding, neutral, and detailed Chaperone interconnect – for complete information, please click here.


  • Chaperone2 design – our extremely isolated cryo OCC copper type 2 litz interconnect, featuring direct carbon composite secondary insulation on each wire for protection against a wide variety of interference, cotton dampening , and custom foil & copper braid shielding.  
  • Abbatron 3-pin XLRs or Valab RCA.  The Abbatron XLR is our new favorite, an American-made stealth-black masterpiece with the best materials we’ve seen yet – direct gold plated tellurium copper solid machined pins inset in a flawless matte shell.  
  • DHC “Capsid” carbon fiber-trimmed y-split cover
  • Custom black sleeving from Germany for a durable and sleek exterior
  • AK240 ground connection – plug the AK240 balanced plug in, then connect the secondary 3.5mm stereo plug into the AK240’s single ended 3.5mm jack to ground the cable & AK240 to your balanced amplifier.  We now offer our true flagship interconnect cable…the Chaperone3 is the most advanced interconnect we have ever offered.

    It features a 22awg “Fusion” design with many unprecedented features adding refinement and detail.  There are seven OCC silver litz bundles and seven OCC copper litz bundles arrayed in a cylinder around a core of semiconductor material, which disperses and drains excess energy and static buildup, converting it to heat.  Each wire has a conductive carbon secondary insulation for wide-bandwidth noise protection and dampening, with additional cotton dampening stabilizing the internal braid.  There are dual foil shields instead of one, around a OFC copper braid shield.  Like the Complement2, each channel is isolated into its own independent cable.  For more information see the Complement3 headphone cable – here!  To order just pick Chaperone3 under wire type below, with the corresponding length to the cable length option chosen.


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