Molecule SE Quad OCC Copper Litz DIY Wire


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Here for a limited time is Molecule SE Quad, an easy-to-work-with DIY wire.  This cable was a DHC product for years but we decided to turn it over to the DIY community!


Clear PVC durable outer jacket
Star quad internal configuration
Clear PE-insulated 25awg OCC Copper type 4 Litz with pure cotton core
Priced per four-conductor foot.  So, you only need 4 feet to build a 4′ cable.  

Just use nail scissors to trim the clear PVC jacket back to the y-split (or invest in a jacket slitting tool) then separate the two pairs inside and you’re ready to put headphone ends on!  Then trim back the jacket a little on the amplifier end, strip, tin, good to go.
When we were working with this wire, we went through the laborious task of straightening the 4 wires for the earcup leads using a quick pass through our heat gun (550F) and holding them taut and letting them cool, then twisting them up into pairs – you can do this if you’re a perfectionist, otherwise the earcup wires will be a bit twizzly as with all machine-braided 4 conductor cables.  It’s a small hassle but worthwhile!

Please note this is a litz wire.  It needs a solder pot to tin the wires inside for soldering.  This means it won’t turn green!


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