Eidolic 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole balanced plug



Eidolic 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole balanced plug

The Eidolic 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole balanced plug is a complete solution for the balanced 3.5mm connections, featuring a simplified installation process, enhanced durability, superior ergonomics, and a unique appearance.  These connectors fit the following diverse applications:


Cell phone remote/mic compatible 3.5mm plug

Hifiman balanced music players (HM-901 and more)

Sony NW-ZX2 and other balanced Sony players

Geek Wave, Geek Out V2, Geek Out V2+, and other balanced Light Harmonic Geek gear
Cowon Plenue S and other balanced Cowon products

Oppo PM-3 balanced earcup connection

Customized players like Red Wine Audio RWAK240 and RWAK380 and MZAK240

JH JH3A digital connection

Or use it as any 3.5mm connector by joining the two innermost contacts together.  


Design Elements:


Perfect size and shape.  The varied dimensions of 3.5mm headphone jacks offer a unique challenge to the audio cable industry and anyone looking to build a high-performing cable.  There are few if any high-quality balanced 3.5mm plugs.   We have a streamlined 10mm barrel diameter that will fit very compact jack layouts, but a newly-expanded 8mm rear opening and 8mm front opening will fit the vast majority of cables.  We have also shortened the barrel slightly to make the plugs less obtrusive. 


Ideal installation conditions.  The solder contacts inside the plug are thoroughly insulated and properly spaced to allow effortless cable installation, without the risk of shorts or compromised insulation.  This design has been prototyped and tested over an extended period to ensure it goes the distance.  The barrel offers ample room inside and is treated to ensure its interior is nonconductive, and the plug avoids the use of magnetically charged materials wherever possible. 


The best metallurgy for each design.  A high-conductivity, high strength combination of gold and brass is employed for this connector.  Superior plating thickness and complete plating of all plug surfaces set this connector apart. 


Unique barrel aesthetics.  The Eidolic 3.5mm balanced plug is incredibly light and compact due to the choice of materials, which also confer a near-indestructible exterior; the revised dimensions reduce weight slightly.  The new black anodized aluminum shell is textured with a proprietary process that yields a tough, matte finish that sparkles in the light.  A distinctive crimson Eidolic logo is screened and cured onto the upper area of the barrel.  Even the most abrasive conditions will not harm the exterior of these connectors. 



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