IEM Cable Tune-Up – for DHC Retail Cables Only


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IEM Cable Tune-Up

Before you read any further, please note:
We will not work on any cables we deem “gross.”  That means any cables with crusty sweat, yellow from cigarette smoke, etc – unless the cables arrive fully clean (albeit broken) we will consider the warranty void and send them back at your expense.

This service is offered for our customers whose DHC IEM cables have had a hard life and need some freshening up.  Whether you’ve cracked off an IEM pin because you stuck your IEMs in your pocket with the cable attached, wore the plating off your mini plug by swapping it 3000 times, or something else we don’t even want to think about, DHC is here to help.  We offer this service at a low cost as part of the Limited Lifetime Warranty on IEM cables.  If is wrong with your cable that is clearly our fault, we take care of it.  When something happens due to wear & tear, this is the place to fix it.  

There is a $2 base cost for us getting our hands dirty, covering incidentals like solder, glue, printer ink, gas money, and so on.  This service is for retail-purchased DHC cables only – from us, or one of our dealers.  We will not reterminate any other cables via this page.   

After checkout, we will provide instructions for how to get your cables to our workshop.

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Cable Tune-Up

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