LAST CHANCE! DHC Clone Silver – ultraportable 22awg OCC Pure Silver (Headphone or IEM)

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DHC is proud to present something radically different.  A cable that distills the work of nearly a decade of headphone cable refinement and firsts at DHC.  A cable that belongs at home, on the road, in the studio, or in your pocket.  The return of the DHC Clone headphone cable.

The Clone series reaches its true potential with Clone Silver, our pure OCC silver litz Clone flagship!

Back in 2010, the Clone was our fun name for a high-performing headphone cable featuring two identical cables for left & right.  Eventually this platform merged with DHC’s Complement design, our reference home cable.  For years we have wanted to offer an impossible cable that could excel in every application while still looking and feeling amazing, so a dramatic rethinking of our core strategies allowed us to bring together the best elements of every DHC design into one – the Clone.  Available for almost all headphones AND IEMs!

Headfonia gets blown away by Clone Silver!  Click here.
“…people probably have never heard a high-quality silver cable before…Clone Silver is one of the good ones…”
“Clone Silver is best described by a few words. Transparency, resolution and control.”

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Winner – best cable 2018 (cost-no-object) at Headfonia!


The Clone has identical left & right channels that are isolated from one another and are wound together into a flexible pair.  A single, streamlined cable goes to each ear – nearly weightless and perfectly sleek.  We believe this is the most compact 22awg x 4 headphone/IEM cable in the world.

U-polymer outer jacket.  

Even the outer jacket was carefully considered on the DHC Clone.  The U-polymer material was specifically chosen to have similar electrical properties to the Fusion mesh conductor underneath it, so that they do not interact and exchange static charge.  This jacket is highly resistant to heat, scratches, bending, or stretching, beyond any other material we’ve tested.  Its elastic qualities make it a potent damping material in line with the cable’s overall design goals.

Silver mesh conductor.

The matching 22awg (-) conductor is directly braided around the cotton-encased (+) Silver OCC litz conductor.  In this way, both conductors benefit from the cotton boundary layer, as they are both positioned against it.
(Clone Fusion pictured)

Pure cotton boundary layer.

The Clone, as with Complement4 and Prion4 flagships, features a cotton primary dielectric layer.   DHC was the first to offer a litz cable with a matrix of cotton braided around the strands inside a durable, insulated cable.  The result is a cable with cotton as its true primary insulation – a material that does not add or subtract charge from the strands, damps vibration, and offers superior dielectric strength to practically everything – without the strands or constructs being vulnerable, as the cotton-encased litz construct is protected in the outer layers.
(Clone Fusion pictured)

At the center.

Clone Silver has the 22awg heart of the Complement4 Silver flagship design at its center for the (+) conductor – consisting of 14 alternating groups of ultrapure OCC silver litz strands around the center core.  This design greatly reduces skin effect as each strand is kept close to the surface as the bundles rotate 360 degrees, equalizing impedance throughout the wire from end to end.  Each tiny strand of OCC litz is coated in an invisible, razor-thin enamel layer which prevents oxidation and cross-talk between strands, eliminating diodic junctions and their resulting propensity for energy storage.  This is a very substantial conductor – more than ample for all audio systems – and dwarfs most of its rivals.
(Clone Fusion pictured)

Pure silver potential.

Clone Silver’s pure OCC silver litz design maximizes detail quantity, clarity, and overall realism without sacrificing all-day listenability.  Our pure OCC silver is never harshly fatiguing like its competition — through years of evolution and refining we have taken silver to its performance apex.  DHC’s careful choice of metals, refining, casting, gauges, drawing, and insulation – every step of the wire creation process – is how we avoid our silver conforming to industry stereotypes.
(Clone Fusion pictured)

The core. 

We take the damping core type 4 model to another level with our conductive core – a DHC innovation.  The core is made of a proprietary resistive material which absorbs any internal static buildup, while also allowing vibration damping on all sides of the litz strands – they are “sandwiched” between cotton and this core – the perfect internal environment.
(Clone Fusion pictured)

Definitively DHC.
A CNC machined titanium logo tube with engraved DHC dot motif is standard on all Clone Silver cables, secured in place by custom gray silicone Eidolic grommets inside.  The same silicone grommets are used whenever possible to seal connector and split openings and avoid the use of heatshrink unless absolutely necessary.

Eidolic end to end.  

With the best possible connectors from Eidolic at each end and an Eidolic y-split, DHC Clone Fusion has an unfair advantage.  Try the full package of CNC machined titanium upgrades – the E-STB 2.5/3.5/4.4 barrel, E-SXST titanium IEM slider, E-STBC titanium CIEM barrels, and E-SXTM y-split – for an unmistakeable industrial edge.


We find that the Clone design performs extremely close to the Complement4 line while being vastly more compact and an ideal design for IEM as much as for home flagships.  If you’ve listened to our top cables before, prepare to be shocked.  And if this is your first experience with DHC, well…

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  1. nrbatista (verified owner)

    Top quality craftsmanship, beautifully made and attention to details, second to none. Very light and truly portable. As for the sound, first impressions, perfectly neutral, not adding or removing anything, simply delivering the sound as it was meant to. Just the music matters now. Amazing cable and service!

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