Eidolic Premier 2 pin CIEM plugs


  • CNC aluminum screw-in back caps for the IEM plugs reduce rear opening to 3.25mm from 5mm. They are red for right and gray for left. For larger cables, do not use.
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Eidolic Premier 2-pin CIEM Connector

Shipping late December 2021 – preorder now.

New design – same premier materials with screw-on barrel and optional screw-in aluminum caps.  These caps reduce rear opening size and mark red for right and gray for left.  

Eidolic IEM connectors are the new industry standard for durable, functional, and beautiful IEM cables.  Featuring a complete re-engineering of the popular IEM connection types, Eidolic has solved the durability and fit issues that have plagued the hobbyist-grade connectors currently being sold, while allowing anyone to build enduring, truly custom cables for most in-ear monitors.  Eidolic now offers a true flagship 2-pin plug, with the best possible insulators, platings, and contact material, plus an industry-best barrel locking method.  Unique styling marks this plug as the completed evolution of the IEM connector.

Please note – the best pin material available for 2 pin IEM plugs is tellurium copper – it is durable and very close to pure copper’s conductivity, while being stiff enough to be inserted into an insulator via press-fitting during manufacturing.  Connector factories readily explain why pure copper is unusable when asked – this is indisputable.  Anyone advertising pure copper is simply leaving off “tellurium” to mislead customers into believing they have something better.


With 0.78mm pins, this model fits the vast majority of IEMs – past, present, and future – including extruded, recessed, angled, and flush sockets, with excellent ergonomics in all cases.  The limited few exceptions are UE TF10 and Spiral Ears Pro which require unique plugs.  The 2 pin plugs are a perfect fit for your Noble, JH, UE, 1964Ears, and much more.


The connector barrel is made of media-blasted aluminum rod stock lathed to precise specifications, with a new gray Eidolic logo and engraved ring on each barrel.  The Eidolic Premier CIEM plug easily catches the eye with a gunmetal-gray motif.  
Premier insulation:  The Premier 2-pin connector retains the high-grade tellurium copper pins pioneered in the previous model, with newly improved solder contact cups that are easier to connect wires to.  The connector features PEEK (polyether ethyl ketone) insulation – the same ultra high temperature insulator featured on LEMO and other medical and aerospace grade connectors.  PEEK has excellent dielectric strength and superior heat resistance to Teflon — it will not break down during soldering, keeping the pins permanently locked in place.  With the extreme thermal and electrical conductivity of the tellurium copper pins, PEEK insulation is a must.  
Screw-on barrel for easy installation.  
Reliable, durable gold plating:  Gold is the most conductive surface plating that is also oxidation-resistant.  It is plated as thick as dimensional specifications allow for maximum lifespan. A groove and rectangular front profile allows secure fit into various models of recessed sockets.  
Improved dimensions and ease of assembly.  These connectors offer a little more space inside the barrel compared to other IEM connectors, allowing a variety of cables to fit and providing secure strain relief & protection of the solder joints inside.  Just solder the worry-free heat-resistant contacts, push on the barrel until it clicks, then fill with hot glue for strain relief.  The pins are half-cut at the ends so the wire ends attach more easily.  The nonconductive, anodized aluminum barrel will not short the solder contacts in the event that it is in contact with wires or solder joints. There is no tapering on the 4.4mm rear hole to maximize the amount of glue (and wire) that can fit inside, for improved reliability.  We guarantee these IEM plugs are faster and less tedious to assemble than any previous connector.  

Superior conductivity.  The materials we have chosen for the connectors’ contact pins are both durable and highly conductive, reducing the incidence of snapped pins disabling your cables and IEMs, a significant problem that Eidolic has endeavored to solve.  The specific choice – tellurium copper – is 93% as conductive as pure copper, while being a strong and machinable metal suitable for audio connectors, far exceeding the 20-30% conductivity rating of brass, steel, or bronze. Years of titrating the exact right pin dimensions yields a pin that is neither too thick for brand new IEMs, nor too loose on older, more worn IEM sockets.



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