IN STOCK – Eidolic EMX-4R Rhodium 4-pin female Mini XLR – for Audeze, Empyrean, ZMF


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Eidolic EMX-4R Rhodium Mini XLR for Audez’e, Kennerton, HEDDphone, ZMF, and more
Fits all Audez’e LCD series, ZMF, Kennerton, and microphones using 4 pin mini XLR.

Priced per plug. So, you need two to make Audeze/ZMF cables.  

The mini XLR has always been a crucial connector in the professional world for microphones and other equipment, and is now a key component on the world’s best headphones.  Most mini XLRs suffer from a poor locking mechanism, cramped internal design, lack of visual style, unpalatable pricing, or all of the above.  The Eidolic mini-XLR is designed as a complete solution for this under-developed connector design, featuring a perfect socket fit, an unforgettable barrel design, and heirloom-grade materials that will stand the test of time in personal and professional audio applications.

Rhodium-plated contact piece. 
The EMX-4R features a high-copper spring alloy contact for low contact resistance and excellent contact pressure.  The ultra-hard multi-stage rhodium plating can withstand repeated connection cycles without visible wear.  A strongly heat-resistant insulator – made from Ryton® polymer – protects the contacts during soldering.  In preliminary testing it can easily withstand 10 seconds of 750F heat without the contacts loosening, so soldering is stress-free even for novices.

Chromium-plated front shell. 
A generously thick base metal forms the durable push-button locking mechanism of the front shell, which is plated in a bright, glossy chrome finish.  Many “off-the-rack” mini XLRs will easily jam in the headphone or microphone socket, potentially disabling them.  We invite you to compare the fit of the EMX-4R to any other mini-XLR — they are not cut from the same cloth.  They easily glide in and out of the socket when the button is depressed without excessive effort or friction.  Once locked they do not shift around as poorly-fitting mini-XLRs are prone to.

Carbon fiber and textured aluminum rear barrel. 
The lightweight rear barrel is made from thick CNC-machined aluminum alloy with gunmetal anodizing and media-blasted texturing.  A silver fiber ring accents the barrel, an industry-first application of colored carbon fiber trim.  The barrel has a larger rear exit than other mini-XLR connectors, allowing a variety of cables to fit without any modification.  Available rubber grommets can be fitted to the back of the connector to size-reduce the exit, providing a clean factory finish.


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