Eidolic E-SX1 E-SX2 Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Y-Splitters


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Eidolic E-SX1 and E-SX2 Cable Splitters

Eidolic is proud to present its first y-split for audio cables, with a mid-sized splitter designed to fit a large cross section of cables, with superior finish, style, and utility.

CNC machined T6061 aluminum.  The solid aluminum body is lathed from rod stock and fused to a recessed silver fiber ring in the center, with a machined groove near the top.  All openings are chamfered for perfectly smooth edges.  The splitter is 12mm in diameter with 3.5mm holes in the top, fitting the vast majority of headphone and other cables.  Included is a grommet to seal the rear opening.

Hard anodized aluminum finish.  These are not the cheap painted splitters we’ve all seen before.  The ceramic-aluminum upper layer on a hard anodize is extremely tough and impervious to scratches.  SX1 features a silver anodized body while SX2 has a gunmetal anodized body with contrasting machined natural aluminum accents.

Ultra-fine sandblasted surface.  Designed to blend seamlessly with other high-end personal electronics, this is the softest, smoothest aluminum finish available while still having a similar sparkle to the coarser beadblast finish.  

Bright chamfered edges.  The edges on the top and bottom of the splitter are flat cut & mirror polished, similar to your favorite high-end smartphone.   These new revisions have bright chamfers around the silver fiberglass trim and SX2 has a bright engraved ring between the front and the center trim.

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