Eidolic E-SAB1 Black & Gold Aluminum Upgrade Barrel for 2.5/3.5/4.4mm



The world’s first connector barrel to allow true modular functionality – customize appearance, material, and length with a quick twist! E-SAB1 comes in two parts with choice of black carbon fiber, fine-machined dark-alloy plated aluminum, or polished bronze. The upper part features a laser-engraved Eidolic logo and screws securely onto the lower part. Slip your choice of carbon fiber (10mm length) or metal (5mm length) tubes onto the threaded lower part and the barrel is ready to screw onto Eidolic’s 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm contact pieces. Sold standalone here if you get the urge to upgrade after buying an Eidolic connector or if you have compatible connectors on hand. Fits any contact piece with M9P0.75 threading.

Black & gold, together again. Reminiscent of the original gold & black Eidolic SX-2 splitter, the E-SAB1 upgrade barrel features a complex multi-step finishing process beyond any previous aluminum finishing at Eidolic. The modular barrel is brushed to create fine lines, anodized gloss black, then the Eidolic logo is laser engraved down to the base metal. Finally, the chamfered edges are cut, exposing raw aluminum – then the barrel is gold anodized to fill in the Eidolic logo and cut edges for a two-toned look. E-SBB looks best with bronze rings or black carbon fiber.

Adopting the ingenious adaptive threaded design from the Eidolic titanium barrel series, the gunmetal aluminum barrel’s top screws onto its bottom, securing the carbon fiber or other insert. A wide range of available inserts means that this connector can be anything you want it to be, and the length of the chosen insert(s) controls the length of the barrel, allowing a 10mm+ range of variation. A silicone Eidolic grommet is included to seal the back opening.


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