Peptide Hybrid SPC – 4-conductor Dual-Twisted-Pair


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Available for a limited time is Peptide Hybrid DTP.  It is a prototype wire ready for intrepid DIYers.  It was too difficult to use in automated mass production, so we shelved it.  Our loss is your gain – it’s a terrific wire for brave crafters.  It has two parallel twisted pairs of 25awg OCC silver-plated copper litz (same layout as Symbiote SE, SP, etc).  Each wire has a thin clear Teflon insulation and forms a twisted pair which is insulated with clear PE, and the two pair constructs are fused in parallel.  They are best separated very carefully by hand using an Xacto blade, as they are fused every few inches to keep the pairs together.  The two pairs do not come apart easily, except with a blade.  The cable has an overall rectangular profile (two round wires fused side by side) and is quite flexible.

Sold per four-conductor foot.  So, you only need to buy 4 feet to make a 4′ cable!  Great for super-long cables or interconnects.

How to strip:

Separate the two wire pairs using a blade to get an even separation.  If you just pull them apart by hand, there’ll be some little rough spots where the pairs were fused together, which can be cleaned up with a blade to smooth them out.  Then, use a regular wire stripper to pull off the PE jacket on each wire pair.  Doing this will probably rip off the Teflon on each single wire inside, which is fine as the wires are litz (enamel insulated).  Then, just tin the ends of the exposed wire, don’t tin too much so that you don’t short your pair of wires together.  Good to go!  If you have exceptional skill, you could try warming up the PE with a heat gun and carefully slitting it with a blade to preserve the Teflon on each wire, but you don’t have to.  Either way, you’ll get a good result.

Because it’s a bit tricky to work with for newbies, we are offering this wire stock at a closeout price!


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