Eidolic E-SX4 (new version) Gunmetal/Carbon Fiber Y-Split (Ultracompact)


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Eidolic E-SX Series Cable Splitter

E-SX4:  Gunmetal aluminum with black carbon fiber

Eidolic is proud to present its most compact y-split design for portable audio cables, with an extremely compact, ultra light splitter designed to fit a large cross section of 4-wire and 8-wire cables, with superior finish, style, and utility.  Certain very compact 6 and 8 wire cables will fit, with a little ingenuity.

The smallest, lightest splitter in its class.  Weighing just a few grams, the SX4 is the tiniest carbon-trimmed split ever marketed in the audio world.  Eidolic has pared its dimensions and internals down to ensure no excesses.  It is hardly heavier than the usual piece of shrink tubing found on cable y-splits.
CNC machined T6061 aluminum.  The solid aluminum body is lathed from rod stock and fused to a recessed carbon fiber ring in the center, with a machined groove near the top.  All openings are radiused for perfectly smooth edges.  The splitter is 10mm in diameter and 20mm long, with 3mm holes in the top, fitting the vast majority of compact headphone and other cables.  Included is a 7mm gray silicone Eidolic grommet to seal the rear opening.

Ultra fine surface treatment.  This piece of audio jewelry is finely sandblasted for a silky yet tough finish. 
Smooth chamfered edges.  The edges on the top and bottom of the splitter are flat cut & polished, similar to your favorite high-end smartphone.  The ring, front/back chamfers, and the chamfers around the carbon fiber ring are machined after anodizing for a contrasting silver color.  
Seamless pressfit assembly.  No screws or visible seams – a hydraulic process permanently compacts the machined aluminum segments together into a single unit that cannot fall apart.
Tinted carbon fiber and more.  The classic gunmetal/black aluminum scheme is an Eidolic mainstay.  Our automotive grade carbon and fiberglass finishes are protected by an outer resin that is resistant to scratches or damage.  Eidolic brings the most exotic color combinations and never-before-seen applications of platings, textures, tints, and fibers.



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