Peptide Extreme 18awg 7-core OCC copper litz wire



Peptide Extreme

Now available for DIY in limited quantities.
PRICED PER FOOT.  So, for a 4 foot cable, buy 16 feet.  

This is an 18awg, 252 strand OCC copper litz wire featuring 6 textile cores in the 6 outer groups and a carbon based anti-static center core.  Use it to make a totally outrageous headphone cable, interconnect, or speaker cable.  Featuring clear PE insulation and 6 groups of 6 constructs containing 7 strands each (6x6x7).  3mm wire outer diameter.

This wire is much bigger than you think – for large home headphone cables only.

1 large carbon fiber/nickel brass splitter included with each purchase of 20+ feet.  2 splitters included with 40+ feet, etc.  This wire fits Audeze and HD800 and 2.5mm Hifiman connectors just fine, among many others.


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