Meze 99 Classics Balanced/Custom Cable Mod


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Meze 99 Classics 3D-Printed Balanced/Custom Cables Mod
This page will serve as an instruction manual and explanation of the mod.
Please note that the mod is not purchased through DHC, but through, the 3D printing marketplace.  They are fast and ship worldwide at a low cost.  Just add (2) pieces to cart (you need one piece for the left cup and one piece for the right cup) in your choice of materials – many new materials are being tested and will be added in the future.  We recommend black plastic for the brown wood cups and white plastic for the light wood cups.

It was designed to fit the Eidolic 3.5mm universal plug, not anything else:

Eidolic 3.5mm universal extended-tip plug (fits Beyer, Final…)

Pricing: $16 in white high-strength plastic, $20 in other colored plastics, more options to come in August.  Get your Mezes up and running now and upgrade to steel or precious metals later.

To purchase, click here:

The Mod, explained:
The Meze 99 Classics have a very narrow opening in each earcup for the headphone cable to plug into, making durable upgrade cables with proper plugs and barrels nearly impossible.  This is due to a metal piece that fits inside the cup and supports the headphone jack while providing a metal lining for the jack’s opening in the cup.  This part can be easily replaced in 5 minutes with our mod, requiring only a small Philips screwdriver.  


  1. Purchase the mod from the above link, buy two pieces in whichever color or material you prefer.  When the parts come in, we recommend brushing the dust off them with an old toothbrush, if they are plastic.
  2. Remove the earpads by carefully pulling them off.  The earpads have a vinyl flange that stretches around a plastic lip that surrounds the edge of the driver.
  3. Remove the 4 small screws on the driver faceplate that secure it to the cup.
  4. Carefully place the driver to one side as well as the piece of foam inside the cup.  
  5. Remove the 2 small screws securing the jack to the cup – put them with the others as it’s the same screw type.
  6. Lift out the metal piece we are replacing, it comes right out.  Put it away for if you ever want to go back to the stock metal piece.

    Insert the DHC 3D-printed mod piece in place of the stock one.  Place the jack back where it originally sat, and screw it back in.

  7. Replace the foam piece and carefully set the driver back on the cup, and screw it back in.
  8. Put the earpad back on, carefully stretching it so that its vinyl flange fits around the cup’s lip.  This is easy, but still trickier than the rest of the mod put together if you’ve never replaced an earpad.  
  9. All done, repeat with the other cup.
  10. Order a DHC Cable – We recommend Molecule SE or Molecule Elite – with the Eidolic 3.5mm universal option chosen for headphone type – or build your own using the Eidolic 3.5mm Univeral plugs.Questions?  Drop us a line at  No, we will not send you the model files, it took us a long time and a lot of rush next-day orders at Shapeways to get it just right.



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