Eidolic E-T4PR G4 Gunmetal aluminum shell/carbon/rhodium/TeCu 4-pin Male XLR


  • Two decorative options for the XLR's center ring - and more to come.


Eidolic Rhodium/Gunmetal Modular Aluminum 4-pin XLR

The 4-pin XLR has emerged as the standard for ergonomic, clean, and simple connectivity on balanced headphone amplifiers.  Until now, this connector has been a compromise for those seeking the best system to connect flagship headphones, their cables, and their gear.  Through significant investment in production techniques we are able to offer a flagship-level 4-pin XLR with the best possible contact material and plating, for an appreciable boost in fidelity.  


The Eidolic difference.  The typical studio-grade (or even audiophile-oriented) 4 pin XLR is made with brass contact pins, for a conductivity rating of just 20-25% that of pure copper.  Up to this point there has been no alternative, let alone an improvement to these limited selections.  Eidolic’s choice of tellurium copper, an alloy of 0.5% tellurium with 99.5% copper, offers 93% of pure copper’s conductivity, while being greatly more durable and machinable.  This new 4-pin XLR is the world’s first to feature rhodium-plated tellurium copper pins.  With the Eidolic 4 pin XLR in the signal chain, we have done our due diligence to ensure that this is the final piece of the puzzle.   


Why rhodium?  Rhodium is an extremely hard, durable, and consistent plating that requires only a thin layer, and it is suggested that rhodium is smoother on a microscopic level for even better contact and less resistance.  The combination of gunmetal anodized aluminum and rhodium is unique, and stylish.  


The body, and other notable components.  The Eidolic 4-pin XLR features a stealthy exterior of media-blasted CNC-machined T6061 aircraft aluminum, hard anodized gunmetal.  Unlike other XLRs with a cheap painted or coated exterior, the anodized aluminum on the Eidolic plug cannot be scratched by anything other than a blade.  The new fourth-generation model features the same CNC quality as the Peerless Eidolic XLR, with a unique faceted rear cap design.  Inside, the Eidolic 4-pin XLR features a user-friendly assembly with the industry-standard collet piece which grips the cable tightly when the back cap is screwed on.  The Delrin engineering polymer used for the contact piece’s insulation is highly heat-resistant, and will not soften even at the hands of an amateur.  The ultra light weight of the aluminum makes this cable easy to travel with.

Finally modular.  
The gen. 4 XLR features a three-piece shell with an interchangeable center ring, made of either carbon (silver fiber available now) or black nickel-plated aluminum with a unique texture.



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