DHC Mini Silver Complement4: Ultimate Portable Interconnect


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DHC Mini Silver Complement4

Ultimate Portable Interconnect

Yours eyes don’t deceive you.  The Silver Complement4 wire from our flagship headphone cable is now part of the world’s best portable interconnect, one that remains flexible, portable, and practical while maintaining the unrestricted prowess of our top headphone design.  

Introducing – the Integrated Wire.  An integrated wire offers a complete multilayer construction around each signal wire, machine-made for consistency and hand-finished into a cable built to your specifications.  The goal is to create conditions around the internal litz silver strands that allows them to perform to their true potential.

Carbon-polymer outer shielding insulation.  This material, pioneered by DHC, allows us to throughly shield each Integrated Wire without the use of heavier metal shields, for a featherweight, purist flagship cable.   It blocks a wide bandwidth of interference while being light & flexible.

Flexible Teflon secondary dielectric layer.  This minimal-absorption, high dielectric strength material allows us to maintain the integrity of the inner litz construct while optimizing the cable for the perfect balance of low inductance and capacitance.  The evolution of Complement4 to using Teflon helped reduce its size by 60% while improving its performance all-around.  Complement4 is now greatly lighter & more flexible than previous DHC flagships.

Pure cotton primary dielectric layer.  A cable-industry first.  DHC offers the first ever litz cable with a matrix of cotton braided around the litz strands inside a durable, insulated cable.  The result is a cable with cotton as its true primary insulation – a material that does not add or subtract charge from the strands, damps vibration, and offers superior dielectric strength to practically everything – without the strands or constructs being vulnerable, as the cotton-encased litz construct is protected in the outer layers.  

22awg pure OCC silver type 4 litz.  An unprecedented array of 14 bundles of ultrapure single-crystal litz silver bundles are arrayed into a cylindrical-tube layout inside each Complement4 Integrated Wire.  This design greatly reduces skin effect as each strand is kept close to the surface as the bundles twist 360 degrees, equalizing impedance throughout the wire from end to end.  Each tiny strand of OCC silver is coated in an invisible, razor-thin enamel layer which prevents oxidation and cross-talk between strands, eliminating diodic junctions and their resulting propensity for energy storage.  This is our most substantial conductor to date and is more than ample for all audio systems.

Type 4 conductive/damping core.  DHC helped introduce type 4 litz with our Peptide V2 type 4 litz wires – an optimized version of the type 2 litz with a core of damping material at the center, keeping the litz strands out of the wire’s “dead spot” at its center, and aiding in litz’s prime goal of equally distributing each strand between the wire’s surface and its interior.  With Complement4, we take the damping core type 4 model to another level with our Conductive Core – a DHC innovation.  The Core is made of a proprietary material which absorbs any internal static buildup and converts it to heat, while also allowing vibration damping on all sides of the litz strands – they are “sandwiched” between cotton and this core – the perfect internal environment.

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