DHC “Microtubule” Silicone IEM Slider – pack of 500


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DHC “Microtubule” Silicone IEM Slider
Pack of 500

DHC has a new solution for what to do with the question of IEM sliders.  We feel this is a good enough solution to put on all of our production IEM cables without hesitation.  With IEMs and other cables we like to be able to adjust the y-split and cinch them up securely whenever necessary.  However, IEM sliders are not without their drawbacks.  Previously we used silicone tubes, which were fairly effective and safe but were larger than necessary.  After months of searching, we found the perfect solution – a silicone ring that was easy to install, stayed put, stayed out of sight, and didn’t mess up the cable in any way.  Enjoy one for just a quarter!  You may come up with uses for these beyond IEM sliders – dampening tiny tubes, for example.

Sold in packs of 500.  


– Tiny, strong, made of heatproof and hypoallergenic silicone

– Easy to retrofit, just stretch it with needlenose pliers and stick the cable ends through

– Will not mar wire insulation or shift cable braids when moved up and down the cable

– Easy to slip & slide, just roll it along the cable – but it stays put

– Almost invisible once installed


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