DHC High-Performance Adhesive


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DHC High-Performance Adhesive

DHC is proud to offer our #1 adhesive for DIY.  We have looked far and wide for a glue this effective and this is our personal in-house choice.  Please read this entire page carefully before ordering.  This adhesive is supplied in ten-inch, 1/2″ diameter sticks for use with high temperature glue guns – we recommend the Surebonder PRO2-220 set to its maximum temperature or similar.  


1/2″ sticks for use with 7/16″ or 1/2″ glue guns (fits most large glue guns)

10″ long sticks are enough for a big project

Ultra high strength, ultra versatile adhesive bonds fabric, plastic, wood, metal

High dielectric strength – will not negatively impact sound quality 

Clear adhesive color

Ultra-long open time lets you adjust what you are working on before it sets.  No more hot glues that cure too early

375-400F working temperature is ideal – high temp glue gun required

Safe, effective, secure bond on practically any material

What we use full time for cable production

Will outperform all other glues as tested by me 


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