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DHC Symbiote OCC Copper IEM Cable

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DHC "Symbiote" OCC Copper IEM Cable
Like a symbiotic relationship in nature, the "Symbiote" IEM cable from DHC provides a balanced and harmonious bond between the earpiece and source components.  

  • Made of our very comfortable 24awg "Nucleotide" v2 stranded OCC copper wire for clear, neutral sound.  Nucleotide v2 has been revised for more compact overall dimensions.
  • Soft, clear PE insulation on each strand of OCC copper wire
  • Beautiful round braid
  • Flexible, compact, and comfortable - you won't notice it's on
  • Tiny, clear silicone ring as a cinch/choker
  • No bulky memory wire required - the cables are heat-shaped to permanently lock them in a shape that fits comfortably around your ears
  • Includes choice of various terminations - DHC black aluminum 1/4"or Elite 1/8" plugs, Neutrik XLR, balanced portable connectors for RSA and iBasso.  
  • IEM connector options available to fit practically all IEMs


Head-fi review thread:

I've had my DHC cables attached to my Westone ES5's for about 16 weeks now. I've probably burned 20 hours a week through them, or about 320 hours in total. I've had such a blast going through my music and hearing things I've never heard before. On a bad note,  I've come to the realization that most of my music has been horribly mastered. I hear doors shutting, voices in the background and even dials and switches being manipulated. 


For me, at least at this juncture, I can't definitively say whether I feel burn-in is real. I have listened to so many sources that it's just too difficult to say one way or the other. But what's absolutely clear to me is that my DHC cables help me to hear every note, artist nuance and unfortunately, every freaking artifact. Even still, I wouldn't trade any of it for my previous state of ignorant bliss. Tonight I sampled all my cables including stock, single-strand silver and TWAG V2's. I've packed them all away and my DHCs are back in the game. 


Review 2:
"The sound is more transparent, and you can hear better separation of the instruments, cymbals now are more audible.  the stock cable i always find the sound is a bit too bright for my liking, and now the sound is much more "warm" and "musical", and also less fatigue for longer listening sessions." 
Review 3:
"I am a firm believer that Double Helix Cables has a winner with it's Symbiote cables. Instead if trying to rationalize how the DHC cables could increase the speed of the transients, deepen and tighten the bass as well as clarify the highs, I submit to you that the cables, themselves, are inherantly neutral. Rather, the other cables I have mask the crisp, hide the deeper and smooth the tighter. Peter is marketing these cables as Neutral, and I believe him. I love neutral, but not because I am bland. I have no problems EQing my music if I feel it's needed. But I don't want my amp, source, DAC or whatever to color the music. Let me make that decision on the fly. I think Peter's cables help me do just that, by simply getting out of the way of the music."
Review 4:
One of our focus group testers said:
"Even before 10 hours burn-in, the DHC cables sound markedly better than stock. And Westone has a fantastic cable, as far as stock cables are concerned. The closest analogy I can make to compare the Westone cables and the DHC is this:  Consider looking through a window that's a little dirty. If you've ever seen the windshield of a smoker's car, you'll have the right idea. Using the Westone cables is much like sitting in a car looking through that tar-infused glass. These cables make the music sound like that windshield has been cleaned. No bug guts on the outside, no smoke on the inside. My ES5's are supposed to reach down to 8hz, and although I probably can't hear that low, I can tell the bass is more controlled, and goes deeper."


The Symbiote IEM cable has a special limited lifetime warranty.  It is covered against any non-accidental malfunctions for 90 days after arrival - just ship us the cable and we will cover labor, parts, and shipping from us back to you.  This covers any possible manufacturing defects inherent to the cable and lets you make sure it is in good working order.  After that, it is on you to take good care of the IEM cable, as in our experience IEM cables have a harder life than our other cables - like the stock cable or any other it can wear out if it is abused, but it can last a very long time if treated with care.  The Symbiote has lifetime coverage of labor for repairs - simply cover the raw materials cost of parts and all shipping charges - if the cable needs to be repaired after that.  This is much less than the cost of a new cable if you manage to completely wear out a Symbiote cable, but we will not be responsible for normal wear & tear. 

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