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DHC Symbiote Litz OCC Copper IEM Cable (Tier 1)

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DHC "Symbiote" 2.0 Litz OCC Copper IEM Cable
Like a symbiotic relationship in nature, the "Symbiote" IEM cable from DHC provides a balanced and harmonious bond between the earpiece and source components.  

  • Symbiote 2.0 is a ground-up redesign for 2015.  We have designed the ideal compact cable and redefined the high-value IEM cable
  • Balanced star quad arrangement with the industry's first all-clear IEM cable
  • Soft, flexible clear jacket makes Symbiote 2.0 our toughest cable
  • Extremely compact 4.8mm diameter
  • For the first time, our entry-level Symbiote features OCC litz - with the exact same specs as our 25awg Molecule Elite cables - type 4 OCC litz, but as a pure copper design
  • Eidolic brand headphone & amplifier terminations are the best in the industry, and are standard on Symbiote 2.0
  • Eidolic IEM connector options standard, fitting practically all IEMs



The Symbiote IEM cable has a special limited lifetime warranty.  It is covered against any non-accidental malfunctions for 90 days after arrival - just ship us the cable and we will cover labor, parts, and shipping from us back to you.  This covers any possible manufacturing defects inherent to the cable and lets you make sure it is in good working order.  After that, it is on you to take good care of the IEM cable, as in our experience IEM cables have a harder life than our other cables - like the stock cable or any other it can wear out if it is abused, but it can last a very long time if treated with care.  The Symbiote has lifetime coverage of labor for repairs - simply cover the raw materials cost of parts and all shipping charges - if the cable needs to be repaired after that.  This is much less than the cost of a new cable if you manage to completely wear out a Symbiote cable, but we will not be responsible for normal wear & tear. 


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